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Religious Studies: Welcome to RS

Use this guide to locate books, articles, web sites, and other resources pertaining to religious studies.


Welcome to the Religous Studies LibGuide.                   

This guide gathers together books, databases, reference materials and websites pertaining to Religious Studies.

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Faith and Reason

   We have seen that there exist pathologies in religion that are extremely dangerous and that make it necessary to see the divine light of reason as a “controlling organ." Religion must continually allow itself to be purified and structured by reason; and this was the view of the Church Fathers, too.
   However, we have also seen in the course of our reflections that there are also pathologies of reason, although  mankind in general is not as conscious of this fact today. There is a hubris of reason that is no less dangerous. Indeed, bearing in mind  its potential effects, it poses an even greater threat—it suffices here to think of the atomic bomb or of man as a “product”. This is why reason, too, must be warned to keep within its proper limits, and it must learn a willingness to listen to the great religious traditions of mankind.
   If it cuts itself completely adrift and rejects this willingness to learn, this relatedness, reason becomes destructive. 
Pope Benedict XVI
The Dialectics of Secularization 
(NY: Ignatius Press, 2007). 
Source:   Kathryn Stelmach Artuso, Assistant Professor of English, email message

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