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This site will provide information on career, vocation and graduate school related resources.


Career Development & Calling is here to help students and alum better understand who God has made them to be, discover the opportunities in our world to live out their uniqueness, and discern the variety of ways those two dimensions can come together through meaningful choices.
We can provide personalized assistance at the significant crossroads that face students and alumni, with the assistance of experienced counselors and staff, and the use of assessments and resources that help in the exploration and understanding of interests, skills, work-related values, and personality characteristics.

New Web Resource is a public service provided by the HR Policy Association to help new entrants into the workforce find jobs. Every answer you read on this site is written by someone from a large employer who actually hires employees for a living (see the list of contributing companies here). 

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Interviewing Skills

Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

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